BTS Iron on Vinyl

BTS Iron on Vinyl

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Size: varies but the ones with hearts are little less than 2in x 2in


*Ironing instructions

1.) Preheat iron to about 300°F/148°C ("Wool" Setting appears to be the closest)

2.) Remove wax paper back

3.) Place vinyl sticker on fabric

4.) Iron the vinyl for 15-20 seconds with applying pressure 


Be VERY CAREFUL it will be EXTREMELY HOT. Wait for the fabric to COOL a bit first. But it still needs to be warm when you peel.


5.) Check the vinyl by lifting up the clear plastic piece a tiny bit.

A.) If the vinyl is sticks to the fabric finish gently lifting the clear plastic off

B.) If the vinyl is not sticking to fabric, continue Ironing for 5 seconds intervals and checking until it sticks.


Washing instructions


Do NOT wash for the first 24 hours after applying

Machine wash safe

Turn inside out

Cold water

Air Dry or dry on low heat

Do not dry clean and do not bleach


If you have any questions feel free to message me and ask!